Top 10 Cryptocurrency Broker 2021

When you are ready to jump into cryptocurrencies, choosing a broker to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies is one of the most important steps to your success in the cryptocurrency market. Get started now with’s picks for the best cryptocurrency brokers and choose the one that’s right for you.

mejores10 brokers para cripto 2021

Top 10 Crypto Brokers and Trading Platforms:

  • Best for social trading: eToro
  • Best for Altcoin Trading: Binance
  • The easiest to use: Gemini
  • Best for Novice Investors: Coinbase
  • Best for retirement: iTrustCapital
  • Best for stocks and crypto: WeBull
  • The best in terms of trading tools: KuCoin
  • The best in different exchanges: Voyager
  • Best for getting started: Robinhood
  • The one that pays interest to have your Crypto: BlockFi

Best Crypto Brokers

Since different brokers have different strengths, you need to find out which type of broker is best suited to your cryptocurrency interests. Some brokers provide a social trading platform where you copy the trades of other cryptocurrency traders to your own account. Others may offer the ability to transact on a wider selection of altcoins. Choosing the best crypto broker largely depends on meeting your needs as an investor or trader. The following list of cryptocurrency brokers has been selected for different reasons to meet the needs of different styles of investing and trading cryptocurrencies. Read Review Best for Cryptocurrency Trading Get Started

1 Best for social commerce: Etoro

eToro fundamentally changed the way many people trade and invest with their social trading platform. Social trading involves mirroring the transactions of anotheThis platform is designed for algorithmic traders and institutional grade investors.r trader or investor in a special social trading account. While you earn the same amount proportionally as the trader you are copying, you also take the same percentage of losses that the trader has on your account.

In addition to your usual cryptocurrency trading platform, eToro offers an advanced cryptocurrency exchange called eToro. It offers traders access to tight trading spreads, and its Algo application programming interface (API) can be used to create custom automated trading tools.

Mejor Broker social Etoro

2.Best for Altcoin Trading: Binance

Binance is the number one crypto exchange in the world. However, the trading platform is based outside of the US, and if you want to access Binance from the US, you will need to use instead of This is because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) limits financial derivatives for cryptocurrency traders in the US.

Although not all functions of are accessible from the States, the platform offers many altcoins that other exchanges simply do not support. If you are looking to invest in a diverse portfolio of altcoins, then Binance may be your best option. You can even trade altcoins for your Bitcoin peer, making it easy to track your performance against the King of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

3 The easiest to use: Gemini

The Gemini platform is a new and interesting one that we covered previously. Gemini was founded by the online powerhouse, the Winklevoss twins who you may have heard of from the movie The Social Network. Gemini follows the trend of many companies in using software and technology, and automating and thus lowering cost and making it easier to access digital currency.

4 Best for Novice Investors: Coinbase

Are you looking for a beginner friendly way to invest in cryptocurrency? Coinbase is the most popular platform used to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), and it’s used by novice investors because of its simplicity. However, there are other exchanges that are just as easy to use, but have additional benefits for new buyers.

If you open your Coinbase account with this link, you will receive $ 10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell cryptocurrencies worth $ 100 during the first 180 days after your registration.

Referral code earn $ 10 when you open an account in coinbase

5 Best for retirement: iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital is one of the few cryptocurrency brokers that allows you to trade and hold physical gold in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). iTrustCapital provides you with a personal Curv wallet for your crypto transactions.

While iTrustCapital does not have a minimum account or merchant size, the company charges account holders a flat fee of $ 29.95 per month. This amount includes all IRA fees, asset custody charges, and access to your trading platform, although all cryptocurrency transactions carry an additional 1% transaction fee depending on the size of the transaction.

If you are planning your retirement and want to add physical gold to your cryptocurrency portfolio as an inflation hedge, iTrustCapital is a solid option.

6 Best for stocks and crypto: WeBull

If you plan to have a portfolio of stocks and cryptocurrencies, WeBull is a great all-in-one option. The platform supports popular cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, making it easy to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio. WeBull allows you to trade cryptocurrencies instantly, which is an important feature in volatile markets like the crypto industry.

Another great part of WeBull is its flexibility to cater to all types of investors. The platform is relatively straightforward, but it also allows investors to use real-time data and trading indicators if they wish. Additionally, WeBull has a minimum account of just $ 1, which makes entry barriers extremely low for new investors.

7 The best in terms of trading tools: KuCoin

KuCoin gives cryptocurrency traders access to over 770 trading pairs, and some of its most notable features include the trading bot, loans, and the KuCoin spotlight. These tools allow traders to execute automated trading strategies and take advantage of the newest and high-growth opportunities.

  • Trading Bot: KuCoin hosts an internal trading bot that executes high frequency trade automatically on the trading pair of your choice. This allows users to make a profit without the hassle of constantly checking their positions.
  • Loans: KuCoin offers peer-to-peer loan services that are facilitated through its exchange, allowing users to earn up to 40% APY on dormant assets. This allows users to passively earn interest while minimizing risk.

Investors are always looking for «the next bitcoin» and this makes the task a little easier.

8 The best in different exchanges: Voyager

Voyager gives you faster and more reliable execution, plus:

  • Access to Multiple Exchanges: Voyager has partnered with more than a dozen of the most trusted and secure crypto exchanges and liquidity providers.

Commission-Free Trading: Voyager is commission-free to save you money. Save money on trading through its extensive cryptocurrency market and best execution technology. Voyager achieves a price improvement on more than 90% of customer orders.

Start trading at a better price today! Download the Voyager app today.

9 Best place to start: Robinhood

You can quickly access your tax documents and statements through the app, and you can create an account and start funding in as little as 10 minutes. Making an exchange is also just as simple. The short explanations of each buy and sell order next to each option will help you learn – it’s a great feature for beginners.

Although Robinhood requires a minimum balance of $ 2,000 to access its Robinhood Gold features, there is a minimum required balance of $ 0 for standard accounts.

10. The one that pays interest to have your Crypto: BlockFi

The BlockFi Interest Account allows you earn interest on your cryptocurrencies. Watch your coffers grow by depositing your crypto into your BlockFi interest account as your balance appreciates in value and earns you interest. BlockFi offers 8.6% in stablecoins and up to 6% in BTC. You can read the article where we analyze BlockFi more in depth here

simple steps: Enter your information and fund your account with crypto or stablecoin (a type of cryptocurrency tied to an asset marker like the US dollar). Start earning monthly interest on your account in the cryptocurrency of your choice (Bitcoin, Ether, or Stablecoin).

Use BlockFi’s handy interest calculator to get an idea of ​​how much you will earn on a given cryptocurrency balance in your BIA within a certain period of time. All your data and cryptos are under lock and key with BlockFi, so you can invest with peace of mind.

So you can benefit from BlockFi:

  • If you deposit $ 10,000 in stable currency at BlockFi, you can earn up to $ 860 per year.
  • When you leave that compound for 5 years without adding it to your principal balance, that $ 10,000 will turn into more than $ 15,000, giving you an average of $ 1,000 in passive income per year.

If you open your account at BlockFi with this link, you will receive $ 10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell cryptocurrencies worth $ 100 during the first 180 days after your registration:

Cryptographic advantages versus disadvantages

Investing in crypto has certain risks, given the volatility of Bitcoin and some other digital currencies.. Despite the disadvantages currently associated with cryptocurrencies versus fiat currencies (such as less liquidity and minimal payment options), the advantages of having cryptocurrencies will increase as they become a more common form of payment.

Here is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of crypto.


  • Security: technological advances tend to increase the intrusion into your privacy. Rather, all identities and transactions are strictly secured in the digital currency environment. While most cryptocurrency transactions are very secure, you could still be vulnerable to the actions of cybercriminals, such as hacking.
  • Low transaction fees: Due to the elimination of intermediaries such as financial institutions, cryptocurrency transaction fees are generally quite low.
  • Decentralized: the lack of a central exchange or authority that oversees cryptocurrencies is one of its defining characteristics. Many people consider this to be one of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • High Potential Returns – You just have to look at a long-term Bitcoin price chart to get an idea of ​​the returns you can get by investing wisely in digital currencies. The world of cryptocurrencies is still developing and expanding, so investing in the right digital currency now could translate to considerable profits down the road.


  • Acceptance – Because digital currencies are not yet mainstream, most businesses will not accept them as payment for goods or services.This situation will change the public’s perception so that digital currencies are more acceptable as forms of payment.. For example, PayPal has recently allowed customers to hold Bitcoin balances and has plans to allow payments using that cryptocurrency in early 2021.
  • Volatility:: This volatility can generate large gains or large losses.. Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is not for everyone, especially those with a low pain threshold or risk aversion.
  • Taxes: TTaxes: Transactions in virtual currency are subject to taxes by law, just like transactions in any other property.
  • Illegal Activities: Due to the fact that digital currency transactions generally provide identity security, it is believed that many people who operate outside the law use digital currency for illegal activities. These activities could include money laundering, “dark web” transactions, and drug and human trafficking.

Cryptocurrency vocabulary:

Like many other financial markets, the cryptocurrency market has developed its own jargon. Some of the key terms used by market operators are defined below.

  • Block: a collection of transactions permanently recorded on a digital ledger that occur regularly in each period of time on a blockchain.
  • Blockchain: a constantly growing list of blocks on a peer-to-peer network that records transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges / Cryptocurrency exchanges: Also called digital currency exchanges, these usually consist of online businesses that allow clients to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet / Wallet – A secure digital account used to send, receive, and store digital currencies. Crypto wallets can be cold wallets that are used to store cryptocurrencies in an offline environment or hosted wallets that are hosted by third parties. Hosted wallets store your private keys and provide security for your digital currency balances.
  • Distributed ledger / Distributed ledger: a network of nodes or decentralized computers that are connected to a network where transaction data is stored. Distributed ledgers do not have to involve cryptocurrencies and can be private or licensed.
  • Fork: Also known as a “chain split,” or «chain split,» a fork is a split that creates an alternate version of a blockchain that then leaves 2 blockchains running simultaneously. For example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash emerged due to a fork in the original Bitcoin blockchain. Another type of fork is known as a «project» or «software fork.» This occurs when cryptocurrency developers take the source code of an existing altcoin project and create a new project. For example, Litecoin is a project fork of Bitcoin.
  • ICO – An initial coin offering (ICO) occurs when a new digital currency or token is sold, usually at a discount, to your first group of investors. An ICO allows cryptocurrency issuing companies to raise funds from the public to support the development and maintenance of their coins.

• Mining / Mining: A computationally intensive process performed within a cryptocurrency network where blocks are added to the blockchain by verifying transactions on your distributed ledger. Miners are rewarded with digital currencies as compensation for their successful computational efforts.

Are you ready for the future

Digital currency and blockchain seem to be the future of finance. Despite its current typical volatility and lack of widespread acceptance as a payment method, cryptocurrencies seem destined to be increasingly used for online payments. Therefore, they could make an interesting investment in the long term, especially if you have a large appetite for risk.

No one knows where we will be in 20 years, but cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology show increasing promise as forces to be reckoned with in the financial world. Get started with one of our recommended crypto brokers today.

Frequent questions

Q What is the role of a cryptocurrency broker?

A Cryptocurrency brokers offer speculative contracts on the price of digital currencies. You have the right to buy or sell the contracts as prices change, not the digital currency.

Q What are the best crypto brokers to use?

A You can choose from several brokers, including Coinbase, Voyager, and Gemini. The best one depends on your needs and if they are compatible with the altcoin you are interested in.

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